Bishop Geresom Ilukor
Who and Deeds
The Autobiography

Elizabeth Swarbrick - Editor

Elizabeth Swarbrick was asked by Bishop Geresom, whom she had known for many years, to put into some sort of order the notes he had written about his experiences.  Elizabeth was honoured to have been asked and swiftly agreed to take on the task.

I have had the privilege of publishing this book for Elizabeth which has been an extremely interesting and rewarding task.

Elizabeth has undertaken her task in a very sympathetic manner, which comes as no surprise to those who know her.  Elizabeth has been adamant throughout that the words remain those written by Bishop Geresom and passed to her to put together to form the book.  Although I never knew Bishop Geresom, I could almost  hear him speaking the words as I was typing so beautifully has she achieved this.

Not only is the book an interesting insight into the man, it is also very revealing in respect of the history of Uganda and particularly Soroti, much of which you thought you knew but didn’t.  For those of us who have sponsored children in Uganda, it puts into perspective the uphill struggle for them to attempt to maintain their studies through what they have had to endure.  I remember receiving a letter from David, one of my sponsor children, apologising for not having finished his schooling that year as the whole village had had to flee when rebels raided their village and at last I feel that I have a better understanding of his situation at that time.

Sue White


John Wheatley Price (Canon Emeritus of Soroti)
in his Foreword for the book wrote:

This autobiography by the much loved and deeply respected Bishop Geresom Ilukor is a very special book. It tells of the first 50 years of Soroti Diocese, its life and growth, often in turbulent times. It is generous in tribute to those who sought to help and encourage the suffering and resilient people of Teso in that difficult period. Above all it tells with openness and humility a story of courageous leadership and far sighted planning for the welfare of all Iteso, especially the “voiceless”. His care for his people was outstanding. His influence throughout the Church of Uganda was considerable for he was a man of great integrity and compassion. This book will be an important contribution to the history of North East Uganda in the early years of nationhood.

I feel deeply honoured that Bishop Geresom, my friend of 50 years, asked me to write this Foreword.

My own tribute to him, written for the Church Mission Society, the Uganda Church Association, the Teso Development Trust and the Church Times is given as an Appendix at the end of this book.

John Wheatley Price
Canon Emeritus of Soroti

Canon and Mrs Wheatley Price at the Carpentry School Opening in 1971